March 5, 2013: Yemzel

March 5, 2013 Yemzel

So hot, so, so hot, if only I could only find a guy this hot, but it seems my lot in life is hot weather.  The sun was barely up when I stepped out this morning but the ground dry, for some reason I thought it had rained in the night. Is it normal to fantasize about rain?

In spite of the heat, I stuffed a sweater into my handbag.  When it comes to air conditions my office like most offices that can afford air conditioning tends to crank it up to 11. This justifies heavy, ugly suits and succeeds in making the heat so much hotter for anyone who ventures outside.

I could tell it was going to be another hell on earth day weather wise, so I hurried to work in order to park under one of the few trees capable of casting shade at my office. Thanks to Boko haram, parking options at work are now limited to areas that allow the sun to barbeque our cars.

Being early also allows me to catch up on my Korean dramas. My coworkers laugh at me because they don’t realize that Kdramas are the new telenovelas. I bear their mockery because very soon, people will forget Paloma and discover Cha Seung-Won, he’s smoking hot.

Tuesdays are predictable and today did not disappoint… in that it was disappointingly dry, on schedule. We discussed the unafrican nature of retirement homes and as his advocate I sided with the devil.  As usual, the conversation was all the better for my dissent and I enjoyed their exasperation. They assumed I was committed to committing my grandparents. If I were as cold as they think, I would melt in this Abuja heat.

By closing time, it hot enough to fry an egg on the road, if the idea of wasting eggs appeals to you.  In spite of my shady parking, I spent the first five minutes of my drive home steering with my fingertips.

I knew there was no one there, but as I walked through the door, I called out. “Hello Yemi, Make anybody cry today?”

Kicking off my heels, I answered, “Sadly no, but its only 4.30.”

Yemzel has a penchant for speaking in movie and television quotes to the point where she is often accused of not living in this reality, is obsessed with Korean dramas and was into Kpop way before gangnam style. She blogs on her experiences of being black in Lagos (like almost everyone else is) and tweets as @Yemzel

13 thoughts on “March 5, 2013: Yemzel

  1. 1. Where’s your bio missy! Not playing fair!

    2 (and more importantly K-drama FTW!!!

    3. FIRST! *cabbage patch*

  2. Korean Dramas? I gave up on soaps since secrets of the sand…i just can’t work up enough excitement to want to see them…too much of a critic😐

    So, errm, Yemi, did you make anyone cry…eventually?

  3. i loved this post so much, i think i read all your blog posts🙂 Ok, all you people in Nigeria, please kindly enjoy the heat, some of us didn’t see the sun at all today and you don’t hear us moaning about it :p *hides under desk*

  4. @Msluffa, nne dis heat na die o.hard 2b thankful xcept u r under d A.C all day. @SingleNigerian Man pls tell this Lagos ppl o.Abj heat wey don enta 44• At one point.nice post. I actually watch sm Kdramas 2mch cryn in it 4me bt I still watch.nice post.

  5. Ah, nothing like walking in from a scorching hot day and almost freezing to death at your desk! Fun times. Have you watched K-Town on youtube? Its likely quite unlike your Korean dramas but it is strangely addictive all the same…

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