19 – Stanley Oyovota


I am at the office at 7:35 am. It’s the earliest I have been here for as long as I can remember. Resumption time is 9:00 am, so more often than not, I leave home between 8:00 am and 8:30 am. As I fix a cup of coffee to start my day, my mind races through all the things I plan to get done, and I remember I haven’t downloaded the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

There’s a copy of Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” on my desk, along with Patrick J. Stroh’s “Business Strategy.” The former I have read before, but it’s time to go back to the basics in my quest to become a better person; be more self-aware, more in control of what goes on inside of me. I have made a lot of progress in being self-aware and being in better control of my emotions. But events of the last month or so revealed there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Wale is asking about the agenda for our briefing discussion on Saturday. We want to start a new company with 2 big goals – Get listed on the NSE and become top 5 in our industry segment in West Africa. I tell him to handle it because I have a lot to do. My initial response is to say, “I am doing everything. What are you doing other than preparing financial statements?” But I listen to the voice that says that thought isn’t right, and hold back. I want to do that often.

Recently, at a meeting I was privileged to be a part of, one of the wisest men I know said, “Learn to hold back. One of the hardest things to do is to hold back.” I am learning. He eventually sends me the meeting invite to review and sends it out. Wale and I are excited about this journey that is starting.

I think about how different my day is from April 22, 2013 when I first wrote on the3six5NG. Still a busy day, but while I was out on the streets then, I am here in the office. Some days I am working for 3 – 4 different organisations, including myself. I think about how much my competency has grown.

Finally, I get a chance to want watch S06E10 of Games of Thrones.


 Stanley Oyovota | I am a marketer and salesman, entrepreneur and management consultant. I want to travel the world. And I will. You can follow me on Twitter: @iskminov.

18 – ‘Loba

Start and stop…

Start and stopppp….
That has been my life a couple of months ago and it was a series of promises and fails that sometimes its hard to believe that things will ever get better.

But these past weeks have been interesting and colourful ones, working on a new and interesting project I never imagined I would. Today was no different, standing in my container in awe of how far I’ve come, how much this was me and how I’m maybe not a failure just yet. This feeling looks good on me I must say.

Today started with the promise of something more exciting and I wasn’t disappointed, I have waited all my life for this, the journey my life was taking me on was preparing me for this moment. I have been preparing my whole life for this project and I ended today with the promise of the biggest project of my career.
And I got my favourite filter back on snapchat, what better way to end a good day?

Loba | Landscape Architect trying to find her niche in the world. Amateur gardener, Blogger @ Greens and  Gardens

17 – Cocoaburrerskin


Woke up to my pair of glasses, broken! Sad is an understatement, although I’ve been two years overdue for a change. Probably not helpful for my eyes, huh? The thought of spending $400 on a pair of glasses is off-putting though. This is what you get for being blind and having different prescriptions on both eyes. Poignant that this will happen today of all days after all, “eyes are the window to the soul”.

Contemplating starting a new journey and I am terrified. Fear is not something that so easily grips me and so this comes as a shock to me. All I have been able to see thus far are the various ways this journey could fail.

For one, I am a private extrovert. Oxymoron, I know. I am a literal ‘walking contradiction’. Therefore, the thought of putting myself out there, this time for the world to see and not just my little enclave scares me like only rats scare me.

“Make your passion your profession” they say but when writing is your passion, how do you distinguish opinion from facts? What makes me a subject matter expert on this content? What new information am I adding to the field and past body of work? Plus, I can’t seem to remember punctuation rules to save my life.

Did you see how my right brain, just took over the left? Sigh.

Always needing to maintain my lane, I wonder if I am not inadvertently crossing into another’s. So, I sit back with a cup of coffee and talk to God, my ever present help in time of need. Boy, does He come through!

Here are some truths:

  • Your assignment is not about you and won’t be worth your investment if it’s not ‘rats’ scary. (I hate rats).
  • The world is more than big enough for a million people to have the same dream as you. However, you are assigned to your own territory and though you might cross the world, you can’t entirely cover it. That’s why another 999999 people have the same vision as you.
  • You alone are you.

Time to work! Here’s to new beginnings.

P.s Happy birthday in advance bro. Love you!

Cocoaburrerskin | Little Giant. Semi-proficient writer. Master Reader. Coffee Addict.

16 – Deolu

I tend to oversleep anytime I wake up in the middle of the night. Yesterday was one of those days.

For some reason, IBEDC have chosen to only supply us with electricity at night in the past few weeks. Most of my (research) work requires staring at a screen for hours whilst pecking at the keyboard. This coupled with the fact that my laptop battery barely lasts past the hour mark, I’m forced to wake up the moment I feel cool breeze from the standing fan on my skin.

Well, wake up I did, but it took another 15 minutes to convince myself that I really had to stand up and get some work done. I needn’t have bothered. Power was cut even before my laptop completed its boot sequence. Sleep was destroyed nonetheless.

It was only 3:30 so I reckoned I could get a couple more winks before the day started in earnest so I went back to the bed, grabbed my phone and opened the twitter app (sleep is for the weak). Two hours later, I was watching prank videos on YouTube when my phone gave me that pesky “battery low” warning. That was my cue to shut my stubborn eyes, I had to meet a friend at the Post Office at 10 anyway.

True to form, I didn’t wake up till 9:30. Tobi (my friend) had already called twice and sent a Whatsapp message. “We’re still on for 10, I’m just about to leave home”, I swyped across my keypad in reply. I was only 19 minutes late – a whole 41 minutes early by Nigerian standards.

Thirty minutes after opening my post office box (with a screwdriver, because bad luock) to withdraw the slips that we’d use to collect the packages from China we’d been awaiting for over 4 weeks, the people at the counter had still not attended to us. It took a further ten minutes before they found two of the three packages and told us to come back for the last one “later”. I gave the lady N200 for the packages (even though they were clearly marked “FREE”) because she asked nicely and didn’t sound entitled, as public officials are wont to.

It was only 11am but it already felt like a whole day.

‘Deolu (@vernalsage) | Engineer, Reader, Researcher and Procrastination guru. I’m a study in contrasts. On a journey to self-discovery, and not liking what I’m err… discovering.

15 – Timiebi


Why am I awake??? I flipped on the TV and a leave win is being forecasted. Oh no! I went to bed telling myself “you might actually wake up to a #Brexit win” but I laughed it off. Guess who’s laughing now, definitely not me!

It’s official; the #Brexit voters have spoken and Great Britain will be leaving the EU. Everyone is expressing shock, even the #brexit spokeswoman doesn’t sound that happy but what do I know?

What???? David Cameron has resigned!!! I saw this coming but had to “woman up” and believe that he wouldn’t resign! How did this happen?? This makes me wonder when Nigerian politics will get to this stage, I imagined one of our politicians resigning because of a policy and sighed heavily. Time to get out of this bed.

I can’t find the will to get off this bed, I should be adding a few words to my dissertation but all I can think about is the major life altering decision I made a few days ago. I can definitely understand how David Cameron feels.

Why am I sweating this much?? The underground is not a great place to be when it’s 22 degrees in London!! I need to get a car but I remember I don’t know how to drive so I shut up, take a sip of my slushie while fanning myself with a newspaper.

We (my friend, her baby and myself) are at Nandos. I’m stuffed to the teeth, her baby is tired and a tad cranky, how do I know? I’m a baby whisperer! I don’t blame him though, all he had was breast milk while we stuffed our faces with chicken, who wouldn’t be cranky at that?

Oh no! I’m underground again and need to give this post a reason to live, fire an email with my profuse apologies and head to church for choir rehearsals. I hope I make the 7pm deadline and if you’re wondering, I still haven’t had a nap which is extremely strange for someone (me and only me) who woke up at 5:48am!

Timiebi |  Lover of Jesus, family, minions, music, love, Arsenal, laughter, social media marketing and the little things in life! She writes about life from her point of view on www.quirkytims.com and is going through a “who sent me to school” phase!

14 – Oludolapo

dolapo ojelabi

I woke up by 3 am as usual. Another opportunity to burn the midnight candle and become rich. Heavy downpour outside. My bed sheets winked seductively. I went back to bed.

And then it was time to go out. It had rained all night like Noah was back in power, car was in for repairs, so I wasn’t looking forward to the option left…my motorbike.

I hadn’t been on Tatiana in three weeks, so I was pleased when she started up on the first try. I left her to warm up while I went in to don my gear, a process that takes 30 minutes at best. Protective under-shorts first, then biking pants, biking socks, the boots, thermal vest, chest and spine protector, shin and knee guards, leather jacket, balaclava, helmet, gloves…the whole works, because “live to ride, ride to live”.

I stepped out of the door, then took a selfie for the3sixty5NG. I got on Tatiana, when the fuzzy view reminded me I had forgotten to put on my glasses.
I went back inside, searched on the table I usually keep it on, no luck. Kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, chairs, the usual suspects. Nada.

Checked again. And again. Nothing. Upended the furniture. Got on my knees and did a 360 degree sweep of every room, just in case. Still nothing. Checked the deep recesses of the sofa, and found the TV remote that had been missing for over a month. Yay, but still no glasses!

I am short-sighted, and therefore keenly aware that I needed my glasses…To find my glasses. I could have been looking at those glasses without seeing them for all I knew.

I finally resigned myself to my fate and took of my helmet and my jacket.
I felt like smashing something. All dressed up and held captive by ordinary glasses?

Guess where I finally found it on my umpteenth search? Inside a pair of jeans on my bed, inside one of the legs. The same pair I had shaken vigorously multiple times before. One whole hour later.

I couldn’t cry. Kitted up again, got on the bike and… the bike died.

Oludolapo | An architect by accident. Fully at peace with being a weird and quietly outgoing person. @Mrojelabi on Twitter and Instagram

13 – Marho


Everybody has their morning boot up process. Some people take 2 minutes to transition from waking up to getting up. Normally I take about 15 minutes but today it took almost 30. Maybe it’s the weather, though I suspect the long ass journey I had to make last night and the flat tire I had to change on my way back are responsible. Whatever the case, I arrive at work 30 minutes late to find my boss sitting in the empty cubicle right beside mine instead of his office far away from the bullpen.

Marho, why are you just getting to the office?

I overslept sir *facepalm*

Hmm, it happens to everyone, then he turns back to his work.

I blink in shock then quickly hustle to my seat before he remembers something else I am guilty of. I pretend to be busy while I catch up with my morning newsfeeds so I don’t attract his attention again. Soon enough though the pretence turns into reality and the emails and phone calls come pouring in.

Today was one of those days where I had so many mundane but urgent tasks vying for my attention. Lunch time flew by and I didn’t even notice. Thankfully my tedium was broken by the arrival of the fitness tracker I ordered online some weeks ago. The last piece of my fit-fam starter pack! I was finally ready to get back in shape.

I’ll close early and go jogging this evening, then tonight I’ll finally catch up on that Game of Thrones episode that I’ve been dodging spoilers for,  I thought to myself as I configured the device and paired it with my phone. Then I glanced at my screen and saw all the work I still had left. *sigh*

It’s 8pm and I’m rounding off the last of my tech support requests while thinking of what I can eat that’s light enough not to cause trouble if I fall asleep immediately after eating it. I doubt I’ll be able to stay awake long enough to finish an episode of Game of Thrones.

Maybe, I’ll wake up really early tomorrow and go jogging then

I lie to myself.

Marho | Bookworm. Geek. Journeyman Hermit. Foodie. Retired Videogame Enthusiast. Lover of weird music and pop culture. Dreams of traveling the world and eating all their foods. Tweets randomly @azanor

12 – A Bonrue


It’s funny but somehow, it seems I’m at the cusp of a big move every time I write here.

Last time I was moving from one city in the south-east to another city in the south-east. This time I’m moving from the south-east to the south-west. Last time, I was moving from one job to another job. This time, Its just me and my dreams. I’m literarily going back to class. I must say its an exciting journey so far. Exhilarating and scary at the same time. I have to learn to manage things like MY time. I woke up this morning hoping that today would be easier.

On my schedule today were meetings with a) a potential client b) an estate agent c) a blinds man from the great big tejuosho.

a) and c) went pretty well. b)?? Not so much. Seriously, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if estate agents would just try their darnedest to tell the truth once in a while, would it? I don’t understand how a person can, poker faced, tell you a house has this and that and then go through hell and high waters to convince you of the “genuineness” of his “intentions” towards you, only for you to get the said house and his next words are copiously peppered with “errmmm…ashually…you see…” After wasting my time and money.

Oh well, lying agents aren’t a problem. Surprisingly, moving isn’t a problem neither is the uncertainty that’s the future and the fact that I do not have any way to know how this “brave” move (like my nearest and dearest like to call it) will pan out. I’m not even worried about the fact that henceforth, I’m supposed to pay ME. No, that doesn’t bother me.

You know what scares me shitless?

I don’t know what I’m going to do after this.

I’m sitting in the dark, in the house I grew up in, wondering where I will run to when the wanderlust sets in. Where will I go when I feel like a new challenge? The only thing I know how to do best, apart from succeed, is “migrate”.

Where will I go?

These are the issues…

A. Bonrue | Lagos born Igbo Girl. TV Radio Content Producer, Show Host and budding film maker. Music head. Radio head. Future Grammy (bathroom edition) winner. IrRegular bookworm. Google addict. Wanna-be-Writer. Lover of music, dogs and Arsenal FC. Blogs @ The Sounding Board of a Bizzy Bee

11 – Timendu

11 - timendu

I woke up with good intentions. I was going to make jollof macaroni with veggies for my son, the one year old Young Viking Chief to take to school. I went into the kitchen, cleaned my veggies and started to chop them.

Carrots first, because they take longer to cook. I thought that I could start with the sauce while I was doing that, then realised I had no oil. At least, not for this dish. I had palm oil but I’m pretty sure if I sent palm oil macaroni to school, Young Viking Chief would throw a tantrum of apocalyptic proportions.

What now?

Send him off to school without lunch.

The plan was to get to the market, buy a bottle of soya oil, and make the meal, but I strolled over there (just two streets away) too early so that went out the window.

My neighbour who runs a kiosk didn’t have any Kings (mystery) vegetable oil but she offered me some from her kitchen. I said sure, then went home and promptly forgot about oil, macaroni and the Young Viking Chief.

Bad Mummy.

About two hours later, I wandered into the kitchen, wondering what I would make for lunch.

Maybe jollof…

OMGosh! My baby!

Screw it!

Boil water. Toss in chopped onions and carrots. Toss in boiled fish. Toss in noodles and spices. Let it cook and dry out. Toss it all into his flask. Rush it off to his school. Wait for teacher to call in a panic, in case Young Viking Chief hates the meal, and initiates the apocalypse.

One hour.

Two hours.

Three hours.

Hmm. Apocalypse averted.

Who says Mummies aren’t superheroes?

Timendu | Wife, mum, writer and editor. She’s mostly exhausted and mostly happy. When not behind deadlines (oh happy day!), can be found at www.timenduca.blogspot.com, or lurking on Twitter as @TimenduCA.

10 – Enkay


Because Thursdays are slow traffic days in Lagos, I allow myself the luxury of an extra hour in bed. So when my alarm went off by 4:00am I promptly dismissed it and snuggled deeper under the duvet.

It had been raining for most of the last 2days and there’s nothing like a cold shower on a cold day to give you just the right amount of kick to jump start your day.

As I made my way out, I allowed my thoughts to dwell on the last few weeks – endless ‎doctors’ appointments, daily jabs in my thigh, drugs, drugs and more drugs…

Today would mark a turning point. We’re expecting one phone call from the clinic, the embryologist to be precise. We would get news about how many of our eggs got fertilised and how many embryos we should hope to have after 5 days.

Married nearly 10years and on our 3rd IVF cycle. It’s been one long Journey but today, my heart is hopeful that this cycle would be ‘It!’

By midday, the phone call came through. It’s a yes! I can hardly contain my excitement.

Even though we have only just crossed one hurdle, it’s enough to inspire hope and faith for the rest of our journey. We’re taking it one day at a time.

Enkay | Mom-in-waiting on a journey to self discovery. An Engineer by training. A writer at heart with a passion for creativity and design.